They’re beautiful, they’re brilliant, they’re blonde, and they can kick your butt!



Evil Intercrime leader Contessa Dell’Oro is up to no good.Leading her all in rubber   5000 plus strong S.C.U.B.A SQUAD organisation to develop new ultra high explosive X bomb missiles. She is demanding trillions of dollars or else she will ruthlessly unleash them every hour on a different country to wipe them off the map until her demands are met.


Sounding like a perfect mission for the sexiest, yet most utterly lethal female secret agents in the world, the girls from W.E.T.S.U.I.T are hired to thwart the evil Contessa plans ,neutralise the missile warheads and eliminate every single enemy frogman standing.

Think Andy Sidaris meets Charlie’s Angels meets James Bond meets Austin Powers meets 60’s “spy spoof” TV / Cinema such as Matt Helm and In Like Flint …..and not forgetting to throw in a pinch of Big Boob cinematic genius Russ Meyer and you have the ultimate tongue in cheek,high octane 21st century female secret agent caper ..”BLONDE SQUAD” is here!!

Blonde Squad Film pics

Starring Elizabeth Starr as Sabrina Steele ,Lacey Wildd as Jill Masters and Summer Cummings as Brandy Nash..


“They’re Beautiful,Blonde and above all…….they’re Deadly!!! “